Soul Realignment Readings

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Project Description

This spirit guide coaching is an on going commitment to meet with me in person or on the phone. This Spirit Guide Coaching will take you to the next level of healing and self awareness. Each time we meet you will receive New Guidance from your Spirit Guide Team! Each step you take following their guidance you will gain new awareness and empowerment to walk towards the next step and opportunities that will unfold. The guidance and support that you will receive is priceless to the enlightenment and positive changes that will occur in your life from your Guide teams assistance!

There might be blockages that come up on rare occasion that block me from accessing your records at that time. Your money will be refunded if I am unable to access due to a block in your records.



Divine Soul Blueprint Reading


Remove the blocks and restrictions that hold you back from fully assessing your divine gifts, and discover who you are at soul-level, so that you can create more of what you want in your life.

Recommended first reading!


Life Situation Reading


I bring awareness to the core reasons that specific situations began developing in your life, and help guide you towards the steps to resolve and heal them. This reading helps you become aware of the actions you can take towards your desired outcome.


Life Lesson Reading


The Divine Soul Blueprint Reading is a prerequisite before we can dive into your Life Lesson Reading.

Find out what your soul came here to experience! Learn your primary life lesson, and how your secondary lessons round out the main theme. Bring clarity to your awareness, so that you can better navigate your life’s journey.


Relationship Reading


It’s recommended that both parties receive the Divine Soul Blueprint Reading prior to the Relationship Reading. However, only the person requesting this reading must receive the Divine Soul Blueprint Reading as a prerequisite.

This reading can be done with any relationship you have with another that you would like more insight on. The goal is to encourage both people to regard each other from a soul perspective, to understand why you have chosen to experience each other, and to acknowledge and clear any blocks and restrictions that have been affecting your relationship.


Chakra Readings


In this reading you will discover where your imbalanced in your life. Mentally, emotionally and physically. What steps you can take to correct your imbalance and how it has affected areas and situations in your life.


The Spirit Guide Profile Reading


Find out who your guides are at soul-level. Discover what their purpose on your team is, and their area of expertise. Learn your inner circle team guides and your outer circle team guides – very valuable information!


Channeled Spirit Guide Reading


The Divine Soul Blueprint Reading is a prerequisite before we can dive into your Channeled Spirit Guide Reading.

Channeling is simply the spontaneous relaying of wisdom and information from the fifth dimension and above. This helps your guides affectively communicate messages to you that you can use in your life!


Spirit Guide Coaching

$100.00 per session.

45 min sessions, 14 sessions minimum.

Sessions can be once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month.

Divine Soul Blueprint Reading and Channeled Spirit Guide Reading are prerequisites.

This reading is an ongoing commitment to meet with me in person or over the phone.

This agreement can be ended if you are not taking forward steps towards your own personal growth. If you do not move forward taking actions on our one on one coaching, then it is not serving you. New guidance cannot come through your guides if you are not taking new action in between our sessions.



Schedule a Reading

A 48 hour notice is required if you need to reschedule your appointment. If you miss your appointment, you forfeit your service. If you arrive late, your forfeit part of the reading.

Collecting this information ensures that I’m contacting the correct Soul information from the Akashic Records.

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