I have been a client of Debbie’s for many years. After arrival in Oregon from Southern California I began a search for a hair stylist. Fortunately, I walked into Debbie’ salon and have made monthly appointments ever since. She is an expert at color and has helped me find the right shade to cover gray and look up to date and stylish. Her professionalism and knowledge are excellent. She listens to me and does not hesitate to guide me into the best cut and attractive look. Such a warm, fun person.

Debbie’s ability with Reiki has aided me in finding my most positive energy level. Reiki treatments with
her are relaxing and have given me the ability to enjoy the light and positivity for my best spiritual and physical well being.

Reading Runes is another of Debbie’s talents. My readings have been remarkably accurate and instrumental in directing my choices for life decisions and actions for rewarding experiences.

If you want to be stylish, looking good, well rounded, positive thinking and just plain great!
WHO DOESN’T? I highly recommend DEBBIE BAULD

– Pauline Thurston

Debbie has been my hair stylist for more than 12 years. She is professional, always on schedule and her prices reflect her experience and ability. In addition to hair styling, Debbie offers a variety of other services.

She is very accommodating when scheduling complications arise.

I have been very happy with Debbie’s services and highly recommend her.

– Pat Regan

I have been a very happy client of Debbie Bauld through three locations. She is that good! So I go where she goes!

My hair requires a little extra work and Debbie always makes it look great. She has a whole line of products for sale at the shop, so I can choose what I need to keep my hair looking good between cuts.

Her salon is a wonderful feng shui haven with her special touches, scents and extra services like Reiki massage and crystal energy and chakra healing. It’s a pleasure to relax and soak it all up. I tell all my friends about her because I know that they can count on a great experience with Debbie.

– Angela Perkins

I have been a client of Debbie for over 17th years. I have had many wonderful facials, that always include foot massage, hand, head and arms. So soothing and totally relaxing, plus many extras she includes to make you forget your aches & pains. I am 79 & feel 60.

– Mary Ann

I’ve known Debbie for over 20yrs. and have never found anyone more genuine, talented, caring and professional. She truly listens; and together with your wishes, your hair type, facial bone structure and even your personality, you’ll walk out looking and feeling FANTASTIC! She is a true stylist! No one does it better than Deb!

Debbie also has a tremendous talent for those of us needing a little extra help at times. She is a highly trained Reiki-Gem stone healer. I have always enjoyed my sessions with Debbie, giving me clarity of mind, body and spirit. She is the real deal!

Love you Deb,
S. Maloney

I have had several body wraps from Debbie Bauld and they are great! My favorites are when the wrap is combined with energy work. Not only are you cleansing your physical body but also you are cleansing the energetic bodies as well. I know Debbie also on a professional level. We are trained in many of the same natural healing modalities in fact we trained together for gem therapy certification years ago. Debbie’s skills are excellent. I know you will not only love the inch loss from the wraps but you will be so happy you tried the other therapies out.

-Amy Melquist
Milwaukie Oregon


I want to say I’ve been having my hair done by Debbie for many, many years. She has always done an amazing job for me! My hair is almost all gray and Debbie continues to color it in such a manner as to add luster and shine to my hair. When I
feel I’m having an issue with style she is quick to show me techniques to make fixing my hair at home easier and with nicer results. She always listens carefully to what I’m saying about my hair and respects my feelings and input. I’ve had hair as short as two inches to shoulder length…and she was just great helping me through the “grow-out”!!

Honestly, I wouldn’t have any one else touch my hair!!

Sharon Meucci
A loyal and satisfied Debbie customer!

I have had my hair cut and colored by Debbie Bauld for 4 years and have always left a happy customer. Debbie is friendly and makes you feel instantly comfortable. She always listens to what you want your hair to look like and feel like as well as informing you what is healthiest for your hair. She takes the time to make sure it is just the way you want and you leave loving the new you.

Desiree Divers

kelly rob crandall

I am a client of Debbie Bauld. My husband and I have been going to Debbie for over 12 years now. She is a outstanding hair/color stylist, not only is she exceptional and meticulous about her work, she is also a wonderful person and cares very deeply for her clients. I highly recommend her.

Kelly Crandall


I’ve been going to Debbie for my hair for about a decade now, and I can honestly say I don’t trust anybody else to touch my hair. She’s been doing my color, weaves, and cuts since the beginning, and I’ve got nothing but great things to say about her work. She always listens intently to what I want, and she gives me feedback on what she thinks might look good. The color is always vibrant and rich. The cuts and styles are always modern and flattering. I trust her work enough to walk in, sit in the chair, and just tell her to “have at it.” I always know that it turns out looking fantastic. I’ve gone through various shades of red and brown over the years, and I always get compliments on the color, cut and style. She takes great care of my hair and I highly recommend her to anyone who might be considering her for their hair services.

Andrea Raschio


I am writing on behalf of Debbie Bauld, I know that she is now at your salon and I wanted you to know that I love her. She has been doing my hair for several years now and trust me when I tell you I wouldn’t let anyone touch my hair, so I had to really like her in order for this to happen.

I met Debbie when my middle daughter Courtney was in the 6th grade, she is now 21 so that tells you how many years she’s known us. Courtney had allowed someone to put corn rows in her hair and they were so matted that my sister cut them out. Needless to say it looked horrible, she hated how she looked, she had low self confidence and just felt bad. I contacted Debbie after calling around to see who out there straightened hair, you see she is half white, half black and she had the long kind of kinky hair.

Debbie said she did hair straightening so I immediately set up an appointment and took Courtney in. It took awhile but let me tell you right now, the minute my daughter saw her hair, straightened and beautiful, her whole demeanor changed. She liked how she looked, which was awesome by the way and she just felt good and confident. I knew right there that Debbie would be the one I would go to after that. It was worth every dime I paid.

As you can see from my picture up top, Debbie does my hair, she highlights it using my own hair color. I love it.

I will continue to come to Debbie for my hair and so will my daughter. You are a lucky lady having Debbie in your salon.

Twila Kelley (Cutlip)

I would like to say that I am glad I found Debbie Bauld. She is an exceptional hair stylist. A friend of mine told me about her and I have been going to her every since. I now bring my three children to get their hair cut and colored and they’ve gotten so many compliments. She is very skilled and listens to what you want. Thank you Debbie for making us all look so good.

Kim Gibson

The first time I had my hair done by Debbie was in 1999. I had just moved to the Portland area and the day I had my first job interview, I decided to have my hair styled. I happened to walk into the shop where Debbie was working. To make a long story short, Debbie styled my hair, I went to the job interview, and I was hired for the job. Not saying my hairdo was the reason I was hired, but it didn’t hurt. Debbie has been cutting, coloring, and styling my hair since then. She does a weave process to color my hair and over the years I have gotten many, many compliments on the color and how natural it looks. When I got married a few years ago, I happened to mention to Debbie that I was getting married on Sunday. She insisted on opening her shop and fixing my hair, even though it was not only Sunday, but Super Bowl Sunday! Over the years, Debbie has remained my hairdresser and become my friend.

Frances Jackson

amber slimm
I have been going to Debbie literally my whole life, and I would never have it any other way! If I need a change, she knows exactly what I want, and I tend to change often. She keeps my hair very healthy throughout all of it, and I would suggest her to anyone in need of an awesome color expert! I always walk away feeling cute, I love my hair, my eyebrows, and she’s very soothing in all of her services.

Amber Slimm

Debbie has been my hairstylist for over the past twenty years- (cuts and perms) and now that I’m starting to show a few gray hairs, I couldn’t imagine seeing anyone else for my color too! She always listens to what I want and point’s me in the right direction when I’m looking for a change in my hair style. Debbie has also done a couple of readings for me (cards & runes) and they were amazing! The readings were so clear and I can’t begin to say how much comfort and reassurance they brought me. Her salon has a very peacful and inviting atmosphere and I always leave happy and energized from my visit. (and I drive over from Hillsboro….she is worth it!). I really enjoy and look forward to our time together each month—to relax with a cup of tea, get my hair done and to catch up with a really good friend.”

-Kathleen Hess