Feet and Hand Treaments

Anti Aging foot and hand treatment

Hand treatment $40
Foot treatment $40
45 minutes
Hand and foot combo $75
90 minutes
Add a paraffin dip for an additional $10 for one service per hands or feet and an additional 30 minutes
15.00 for both hands and feet
This service does not include a manicure and pedicure.

Imaging laying in a candle lit room listening to soothing music with eye treatment covers and an aromatherapy neck comfort cover, this will set the mood. I will begin with massaging a sloughing cream to your hands or feet removing all dead and dry skin. Your hands or feet will then be treated with a retexturizing peeling cream mask. Upon re-texturizing your hands or feet they will then be submerged in a hydrating moisture mask and then snuggled into warm booties or mitts. As your senses begin to relax you will be receiving a scalp massage setting the mood for the heated stone massage you will soon be receiving on your hands and arms or your feet and calves. The spa cream used in your massage will prevent dryness and callous buildup. Peppermint oil cools, stimulates and detoxifies while the anti-oxidant properties of vitamin C protect against free radicals.