Energy Work

Gemstone therapy has been a major contributor to the field of energy medicine for years. From the Chinese medicine perspective it is not surprising that therapeutic gemstones have such profound effects.

Treatments with gemstones often result in profound and lasting improvements in promoting physical and inner health. There is simply no substitute for the work done by therapeutic gemstones.

Gemstone therapy enhances and opens energy channels that have been blocked. The targets the underlying causes of illness and discontent, rather than masking the symptoms. Energy medicine aims not only to improve our health but to transform it.

We all carry this spark or seed of energy connected to the higher finer vibrations and only need to water and nurture this seed in order for it to grow and flourish. The speed and growth of this seed is in direct proportion to the amount of Qi we direct towards helping the seed germinate.

Having gemstone energy work with esoteric accu-puncture patters can be though of as watering the seeds within us to assist in our journey of spiritual awakening. Thus giving us a clearer insight into why we are on this planet. Part of the reward is the knowledge we have gained by understanding and eliminating the things that cause our physical unbalance. We must learn to go inward and focus on our goals. We can then learn to accentuate our purpose in life and find the road we wish to travel to complete this journey.

Gemstone therapy is an ideal way to start and help us continue on our path of find out our way to both physical and inner health!

90 minutes
Package price: purchase 5 and receive one free

I provide treatment packages tailored to your individual goal.