Body Treaments

Use of our shower is available with the purchase of any body treatment. Some body treatments like inch loss body wraps a shower is not suggested afterwards.

Seaweed Body Treatment

90 minutes
What a heavenly way to relieve stress and sore, stiff muscles! Based on European Thalassotheraphy fresh seaweed is warmed to body temperature before being smoothed over the body. While cocooned in a warm thermal blanket you can just feel your muscles relaxing and your stress floating away, with a relaxing scalp massage. Upon removing the mask with warm towels you will experience the soothing effects of the luxurious seaweed creme massaged into your skin, leaving the skin silky and touchably smooth. This exclusive formula featuring a blend of four EcoCert seaweeds; encourages slimming, firming and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. Helping your body eliminate unwanted toxins.

Cellulite Mask & Body Scrub

60 minutes
This treatment is made from egg, milk, & honey. while the egg provides the protein essential for rebuilding skin tissue the chosen herbs stimulate the honey moisturizes. This treatment done on a continuous basis will improve cellulite, scars, and the overall health of your skin. After brushing the skin a mask is applied and allowed to dry. A buffing towel will buff the body concentrating on cellulite areas, scars and stretch marks. A luxurious aloe vera cream is then massaged into the skin leaving it silky smooth! Perfect time to try an inch loss body wrap and see great results!

Peppermint Sea Twist

Package of 12 (2x a wk) $1200
Package of 6 $650
90 minutes
America’s award winning treatment done with fresh seaweed and triple mints to improve circulation, slimming and toning! The concentration of freshly harvested seaweed and peppermint essential oils will be sure to rejuvenate and stimulate the skin. Imagine this on your sore aching muscles. What a wonder for water retention! Very detoxifying while it slims and contours your body. For best results this should be done twice a week for six weeks. Drink plenty of water to help flush toxins. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CLIENTS WITH HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE OR THOSE WHO ARE DIABETIC OR PREGNANT! Avoid shaving, waxing or applying lotions prior to wrap. Panties and Disposable bra included.


Package of 12 wraps $1020
(includes 1 exfoliating body wash and exfoliating wash towel)
Package of 6 wraps $550
(Includes 1 exfoliating body wash)
90 minutes
With this aloe vera bases body wrap we have seen an average of 4-14 inches lost with each wrap. We use heated cotton strips that have been soaking in an all natural aloe vera herbal based solution containing active enzymes. These enzymes penetrate down into the fatty deposits and your cellulite to release stored toxins. It is crucial to drink up to a gallon of water each day to flush the toxins out of your system. With that you will be even smaller the day after your wrap! For the best results wraps should be done every 4-5 days.
Combining the cellulite mask prior to the Sen-N-Me Free wrap gives incredible results! Please ask about recommended body wash to use prior to treatment to enhance results, as this helps allow the aloe vera solution to better penetrate up to 40%. Do not shave or wax prior to treatment. Avoid using any lotions or oils prior as they can hinder the penetration of the solution. Exfoliate with a loofa sponge prior if using the recommended body wash is not possible. Disposable bra and underwear will be provided.

Honey Body Polish

90 minutes
Pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk naturally cleanse and exfoliates the skin. Helping to purify and slough off dead skin cells. Imagine yourself being massaged with warmed honey body polish then wrapped with a warmed thermal blanket for 20 minutes while you receive a relaxing scalp massage. Upon removing the polish with warm towels you will enjoy javing the reenergizing seaweed body cream massaged into your now smooth skin. The seaweed body cream rejuvenates and removes dead skin cells, hydrates and rebalances. This is good for all ages, and excellent for sun damaged and dehydrated skin.

Pomegranate Cran Apple Body Scrub

90 minutes
Pure cane sugar with potent anti-oxidants derived from organic pomegranate juice, organic whole cranberries and apple create a gentle natural exfolient that leaves skin deliciously smooth and delectably radiant! This Repechage body scrub is vigarously massaged over your entire body leaving skin ultra touchable. After removing the scrub with warm towels and your skin massaged with a luxurious seaweed cream your skin is left beyond silky smooth. Excellent for rehydrating dry skin, while it stimulates, detoxifies and energizes and exfoliates.

Spa Sea Salt Glow

90 Minutes
Complete body exfoliation with dead sea salts and seaweed from head to toe. Removing rough dry skin leaving it smooth and refreshed. While wrapped in a warm thermal blanket for 20 minutes the scalp massage will definitely leave you relaxed. Upon removing the salt glow a luxurious seaweed cream will be massaged in leaving your skin ultra touchable and silky smooth. This treatment helps prevent ingrown hairs. It is an energizing, stimulating treatment that exfoliates and detoxifies the skin. Excellent for dry, course, lifeless skin. Perfect treatment to receive prior to any vacation!