Home Hair Color

Think twice before coloring your own hair. Home hair color can be harsh and cause damage to the hair. Professional hair color is conditioning and gentle. As a hair care professional my goal is to achieve your desired results while keeping your hair healthy. All hair color is not created equal. I correct home hair color often the results are like night and day. Color results from box color usually leave the hair stripped of its natural oils, leaving the cuticle open which results in the hair being dry and damaged. Professional hair color leaves the hair shiny and smooth. Smoothing the hair cuticle leaving the hair soft and silky.

Sometimes the condition of the hair is so compromised after home hair color the original healthy condition can no longer be restored. Home/box color has unpredictable results. Each hair color formula must be created unique to each individual. There are several deciding factors that go into determining your color formula and application. There are many different aspects of chemistry/porosity and the tenacity of the hair that play a big part of determining how to go about creating the best results for your individual hair that you might not be aware of. Corrective hair color can run very expensive. Save the money and your hair by booking yourself a professional color service.